Hand-made erotic art
based on your photos ... and fantasies
Nudsey is the brainchild of a talented team who created Covatar, Sketchy Business, Relatables and Merchandice. Don't be a stranger and hit it to the mattresses with our hand-drawn erotic art that will surely give you a tingle in your loins. It's exciting us to work with you to create high-quality pieces of art that you can hang on your wall, gift your partner or... whatever.
By the way, sugar, we care about your privacy. So learn more about our activities here...
Steaming Nudseys for you
We like it gentle and rough. But the choice is always yours...
Prepare yourself for a sensual experience
An Easy and Delightful blow-by-blow account just for you. So sit back and relax while we give you the grand tour.
You choise
Choose from any delectable art and style you want to get for your future art.
Your fantasy
Share your wildest dreams, intimate ideas, a few reference photos. We'll do our job.
Your nudsey
Get your unique piece of digital erotic art. Have it printed to hang in your bedroom, gift it to your partner or do whatever exactly you want with it.
Explore available options
Do what you want with your body. Pick and decide which one makes the whole deal!
Sensual art of any intimate part of your body
Provoking bust portraits of you and your partner
Hot & steamy art of everything down to your torso
Full-body art of you and your partner
Give your friends and partners a unique erotic experience that they've only been dreaming of
Gift Certificates
How you can use your Nudsey art?
Hang it in your bedroom to create "the mood"
Spice up your relationship with your partner
Visualize your wildest dreams via art
Print and gift it on a "special" occasion
Our art is just like sex: thoughtful, pleasant and safe
And of course, we'll need your consent
Made only for you
Each piece of Nudsey art that we create is made by real artists in collaboration with experienced art directors.
Fulfilling your desires
Each Nudsey is created based on your desires and requests. Our goal is to fullfill your dreams via art.
Totally private
We take care about your privacy like we would do about our own. See what we do to ensure your data is safe.
What our customers have to say
And of course we need your consent
Content creator or a small business? Let's partner!
Content creator or a small business? Let's partner!